New Venture

I am probably going to be joining the Damn Good Beauty team, which currently consists of Cori lol. But it will be a team shortly. You can follow her @damngoodbeauty or gingerkitty on FB for more info on the company itself. Hopefully we can pull it together and get things moving. The Damn Good Beauty page is coming soon once I get my act together and set one up!


A New Chapter

Hello out there! Take a look at the new face of Estee Lauder. That’s right, I’m the new counter manager at Peebles and I’m really excited about it. I go in tomorrow and tie up all the loose ends and figure out when I get started. I have to wear their products while working so I did a bit of a trial run and have a FOTD for you all!




They’re here!

After long and tireless work they are finally here, my business cards! Boy do I feel like a big girl! Without further adieu…..

The Makeup Show NY

Hello all!

Well I am rather excited to say that I am headed to the makeup show in NY this Sunday with the ever so lovely Cori Pifer! ( @damngoodbeauty ) I’m hoping it will be as good of a trip as it seems like it’s going to be. Baring any terrible disasters the two of us get ourselves into we should be great! 

Tonight I have also finished designing my business cards and I have to say I am terribly pleased with them. I have to give a tremendous amount of thanks to Jesse Foust for his help in the photo manipulation process! I am not good with that at all!

Until next time, and I hope I have much more construction complete,




I welcome anyone who has decided to explore my new and growing site! As you can see it is still at this time a work in progress, but a fun one! Please feel free to contact me with any inquiries about my services.